Rand Mcnally Tnd(Tm) Tablet 70

$449.99 $419.99


  • Users can easily plan a trip with the help of trip maker apps.
  • Unique apps are designed to help commercial truck drivers.
  • An onboard dashcam is available as it records your travel.
  • Provides E-log compatibility
  • It has a 3-D display with perfect lane guidance for managing sudden interchanges.
  • User can preview the entire route and can add up to 50 stops with the help of multi-stop-routing


The innovative Rand Mcnally Tnd(Tm) Tablet 70 with 7 Display GPS and Dashcam comprises peculiar applications depicted by Rand Mcnally precisely. This device assists you with different attributes including, preloading application for document imaging, accounting, load board, fuel manager, etc. Also, it helps with an onboard dashcam, which is compatible with rare view cameras or backups.



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