Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS with 7″ HD Vibrant Display



  • Rand McNally Road Explorer 70 GPS Tablet was launched with a purpose to justify the purpose of Advanced GPS + Android Tablet
  • Award-winning navigation result and a complete Travel planner with Rand McNally Editors’ Picks
  • Notification of the Live services along your route, like traffic, fuel prices and weather
  • Trouble-free access to apps, email, games, and music on the wheels
  • Advanced lane guidance that includes Multi-stop trips
  • Include Lifetime Maps
  • Last but not least you can also compare the route based on distance and time as well


Rand McNally has launched a number of navigation devices which are compatible, portable and are easy to use. One such launch of Rand McNally is Road Explorer 70 GPS Tablet, which is loaded with many exciting features that include: Exits Quick View, Car Checklists, Address Book, fuel log and quick planners as well. Also, the updated, as well as pre, installed Rand McNally Maps and Rand McNally Trips do complete justice to your trust and the money that you have invested to purchase this device. Learn the easy steps to Update Rand McNally Tablet TND70 at our website.

Rand McNally has launched numerous GPS devices which comfortable, compact and convenient to use. One such device is Rand McNally TND 740 Intelliroute Truck Navigation GPS with 7” HD Vibrant Display, which is filled with amazing characteristics and functionalities that include Fuel log, notification or alarm of live services like congestion, weather, traffic, etc. Users can easily access music, games or any other applications in these navigation devices.



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