Rand McNally not Recognizing Device while Loading Dock Software

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There are several devices offered by Rand McNally that have their own unique features and it also allows the users to visit places that you might think of. There are several other companies in the market that deal in offering GPS devices to the people but the accuracy and speed of the Rand McNally GPS make them stand out in the industry.

To make proper use of the device, it is important for the user to regularly Update Rand McNally GPS for which it is important to connect the device with the computer or a laptop. Sometimes, the users encounter Rand McNally dock not recognizing device problems in the device and it creates obstructions in the process of device and maps update. There are several reasons behind this problem and it is important for the user to eradicate this issue in order to continue with their work related to the Rand McNally device.

There are several steps that you can take in order to ensure that the device works properly. We have listed those steps in this blog and with the help of these steps you can use your device once again with updated maps and GPS devices.

Steps to Connect rand McNally Device

Generally, it is seen when the problem of rand Mcnally won’t connect to a computer is aroused in front of the customers, it is because of the USB cable that connects the device with the computer.

  1. You must ensure that the cable provided with the device is in good condition and it is working properly.
  2. You must know that when the USB cable is defected or damaged, it would still charge but it won’t get connected to the computer properly.
  3. Once you are ensured that the cable is in a good condition, Unplug the device and plug it back in to make sure that the device is getting connected properly.
  4. Now, you must go to the Start Menu and click on the option Computer.
  5. After clicking on the option, you will notice that there are two different drives listed on your computer.
  6. If the options are not available in this section then you must look at the right panel of the computer screen where other external hard drives connected are shown.
  7. Just check once if other devices that are connected are available in that segment. If not, you must check the ports of your computer.
  8. If the device is connected to the computer then, you must click on Yes Option which will be available on the screen prompted while Rand McNally connects to the computer.

So, these are some of the steps that you can follow just to ensure that the problem of Rand McNally not Connecting Computer is solved and you are able to work with the device again. These steps are provided after implementation and so they are reliable and if you are a new user of the Rand McNally GPS then you need to install Rand McNally Dock as well as you need to Install rand Mcnally GPS software in order to make your device working again.

There are several maps offered by Rand McNally and you have to select which map from the list would help you in exploring the country of your choice. You must also register in Rand McNally Dock while being a new user and to get the process for Maps update and Dock registration, you must visit our website and read the suitable blog that would help you in the process.

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